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Minority Report Tom Cruise Genuine Leather Jacket

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Minority Report Tom Cruise Genuine Leather Jacket


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Minority Report Tom Cruise Genuine Leather Jacket

minority-report.jpgJust because it’s the year 2054 it doesn’t mean that classic black leather jackets have gone out of style and if you’re a fan of the highly acclaimed 2002 film Stephen Spielberg film, Minority Report you may well recognize this stylish leather jacket as being identical to the one worn by Tom Cruise in his role as accused police chief John Anderton.

In 2054 crime has practically been eradicated from Washington D.C. thanks to the elite law enforcement unit called ‘Precrime’. Precrime uses the talents of three gifted humans – known as ‘Pre-Cogs’ – who have clairvoyant powers that enable them to see into the future and predict crimes before they are committed. The unit is headed up by Chief John Andertonwho is a firm believer in the system’s infallibility – but what happens when the Pre-Cog team predicts that Anderton will also commit murder within the next 36 hours? The suspense builds as Anderton doesn’t even know the victim and it is a race against time as he attempts to solve the mystery by finding out the ‘minority report’ which means that the prediction of one of the Pre-Cogs may potentially tell a different story and prove his innocence.

Minority Report Leather Jacket

It’s thrilling stuff and if you’re a fan of the movie what better way to show it than with thissuper soft black genuine leather Minority Report Jacket which has been hand crafted by professional leather workers. The jacket is made from lamb and sheep skin leather which ages fantastically. The jacket has two hand warmer style pockets and a ‘split’ detail across the front of the chest and the back.

Custom Minority Report Leather Jacket

Like all of our men’s and women’s leather jackets and coats this one has double stitched seams which provide extra durability and a longer life span. It can also be customized to fit you exactly should you not find your size in our measurement chart.

Product Features:

  • Material:  100% Real Leather 
  • Lining: Polyester Lining
  • Pockets:  Two hand warmer pockets on front
  • Front Style: Full zip closure
  • Back Style: T-Back
  • Collar:  Short button collar
  • Sleeve:  Open bottom hem
  • Stitching:  Double stitching for durability
  • Style: Regular

Weight 4 kg

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