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Prototype with Dragon Leather Jacket Genuine

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Prototype with Dragon Leather Jacket Genuine


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Prototype Genuine Leather Jacket with Red Dragons on the Back

prototype-game.jpgIf you’re a fan of the Prototype video games you will have no difficulty in recognizing this stunning genuine leather jacket as being inspired by the one worn by the character Alex Mercer – also known as The Prototype or by his codename Zeus.

Black leather jackets don’t have to be all the same and this is a jacket that dares to be different and it will leave those in the know in no doubt about where your gaming allegiances lie.

Alex Mercer was the former head researcher of the Blacklight project at Gentek in New York City however when he learned that anyone who was affiliated with the project was likely to be systematically murdered, he decided it was time to escape from the city and he attempted to do so with a sample of his research which he contained in a vial. Alex’s plan failed and he was captured at Penn Station whereupon he smashed the vial and unleashedhis deadly virus. This sparked a viral outbreak that spread all over the island of Manhattan. Alex awoke to find himself at a Gentek facility but with his memory erased and no recollection of the past. He fled from the buildingand it was not long before he discovered that thanks to the virus, he’d acquired new powers and abilities. He puts his new found talents to good use to rebuild the fragments of his past and to find those who were responsible for his capture.

Prototype Leather Jacket

Our Prototype with Dragon Leather Jacket is hand made from genuine sheepskin leather. The jacket itself is black leather and it has a red leather collar and an embroidered twin red dragon motif on the back. The jacket is given a sporty look thanks to the two white leather hoops around each elbow. It also has shoulder epaulette style tabs and one pocket on the chest with zipper closure.

Custom Prototype Black Leather Jacket

Please contact us for customized sizing.

Product Features:

  • Material:  100% Real Leather 
  • Lining: Polyester Lining
  • Pockets:  Two hand warmer pockets on front
  • Front Style: Full zip closure 
  • Back Style: T-Back
  • Collar:  Shirt collar
  • Sleeve:  Zipper cuffs
  • Stitching:  Double stitching for durability
  • Style: Regular


Weight 4 kg

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