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Superman Man of Steel Midnight Blue Faux PU Leather Jacket

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Superman Man of Steel Midnight Blue Faux Henry Cavill Leather Jacket

Our Superman Man of Steel Midnight Blue Faux Leather Jacket shouldn’t need an introduction because let’s face it – there can’t be many people who don’t recognize that iconic Superman shield. Inspired by one of the greatest super heroes of all time our Superman Man of Steel Jacket is a must for any comic book or Superman buff.

The story of how Clark Kent became Superman probably doesn’t need an introduction either and the Man of Steel film reprises the original story and follows the young Clark as he finds out that he has super hero powers and is clearly from another planet. He decides to find out more about his origins and discover where he came from and what he was sent to earth to do. But before he does that, our young introverted hero must first connect with his inner super hero if he is going to able to save the world from destruction.

Man Of Steel Leather Jacket

Our Superman Man of Steel Jacket is identical to our genuine leather version however this one is perfect for anyone on a budget as this is made from high quality PU leather. Just like our other leather men’s jackets this was made by hand by our team of talented tailors who take a huge amount of pride in their work and ensure that all of our garments are finished to perfection. All seams are stitched twice so that all of our leather coats, jackets and vests will last you for years to come. The midnight blue faux leather is complemented by the bright red and yellow Superman logo and the fastening is a high quality YKK zipper which we use in all of our garments. The cuffs have zipper openings and the collar is a round turtle neck style. Both the shoulders and arms are padded for extra protection when you’re fighting crime.

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