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Taken Black Genuine Leather Jacket Liam Neeson

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Taken Black Genuine Leather Jacket Liam Neeson


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Taken Black Genuine Leather Jacket Liam Neeson

taken.jpgRecapture the nail biting suspense of the original Taken movie which was released in 2008 with this black leather coat which is a replica of the one worn by Liam Neeson in his role as Bryan Mills, the ex-CIA agent who must find his kidnapped daughter in a race against time that is full of suspense.

Bryan’s daughter, seventeen year-old Kim, is the apple of his eye and upon retirement he moves to California to be nearer to where she lives with her mother and rich stepfather. When Kim manages to persuade Bryan to let her and her friend Amanda take a trip to Paris things take a distinct turn for the worse. Upon arrival in Paris the two girls share a cab with a stranger and Amanda lets it slip that they are completely alone. The not so benevolent stranger passes this information on to a gang of human traffickers who kidnap the girls. Kim manages to briefly telephone her father who then also manages to snatch a short conversation with one of the kidnappers. Bryan pledges to kill the kidnappers if they do not release Kim and Amanda and the kidnapper wishes him ‘good luck’. Bryan does the only thing left for him to do: he travels to Paris to search for his missing daughter and her friend.

Taken Black Leather Coat

Relive the tension of Taken but do it in style in the Liam Neeson Taken Black Leather Jacket which has been hand made from genuine high quality sheep and lamb skin leather. Each and every seam of the jacket has been stitched twice to ensure that your jacket lasts you a life time.  The coat has button fastening and button cuffs. The collar is an open lapel style and there are two hand warmer style pockets on the sides.

Custom Taken Black Leather Jacket

Like all of our leather men’s jackets, the longer length Taken Leather Jacket can be customized to fit you perfectly.

Product Features:

  • Material:  100% Real Leather 
  • Lining: Polyester Lining
  • Pockets:  Two hand warmer pockets on front
  • Front Style: Buttons
  • Back Style: Split-Back
  • Collar:  Suit collar
  • Sleeve:  Open bottom hem
  • Stitching:  Double stitching for durability
  • Style: Regular


Weight 4 kg

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