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Most superstars in Hollywood are known for their acting prowess but there are some who are known not only for their acting ability but also for the fashion style that they carry. Brad Pitt is one of these leading superstars who are known for their style statement. He has always been able to shine among the rest of the celebrities in Hollywood. He got plenty of fans who looked up to him not only because he is a good actor but also for being a leader in fashion. Almost all clothes that he wore on the movies gave him a good fit to his character. He is being known for raising the heat in the atmosphere. He always has an exceptional appeal in the pieces of fashion that he wears in every movie he makes. He is always ready to fight against all odds to give us an inspiration that revolutionizes the fashion trends.

Fight Club Red Leather Jacket
Fight Club Red Leather Coat Brad Pitt Tyler Durden Inspired

Many people loved the red jacket that Brad Pitt wore in the super hit movie, Fight Club. This movie was released in 1999. In this movie, Brad Pitt was wearing a very fashionable leather jacket. He played the role of a fearless rebellious guy named Tyler Durden who is against the principles of consumerism in this world. This character demanded Brad Pitt a rough, rugged and bold look and so the red leather jacket was used, making it to be the most important part of his clothing. The Fight Club Leather Jacket has been a great work of its designers as it fascinates every human eye that gets the chance to see this creation. This jacket has set the world on fire. It was the commitment and skills of the makers of this great leather jacket that made it possible. This leather jacket could make you look younger and fresher.

The Fight Club Jacket has a stylish cut and a neat fit. It has a full zip closure, snap-tab moto collar which makes it more elegant and glamorous. It was a bold move for the makers in using a red leather in the jacket’s basic material but it has given a vintage look on the jacket that had made it look more relaxing and superb. They have also added red strips over the black exterior to make it stand out from the rest of the jackets. It became a tempting fashion piece because of its complicated details and appealing look that had made a huge interest to those who had not even watch the movie. This became a must-have for every fan of Brad Pitt.

This red leather jacket is made from the finest quality of leather with an extremely in style and refined look. Its red hot color made it very tempting and fascinating upon all extremes. The complexity of the jacket has been enhanced by the designers through adding smart white stitching to the jacket thus making it an irresistible piece of fashion. It is the four button closure in the front that gives the jacket a striking impact where as the polyester liner keeps the jacket warm. This jacket undoubtedly has a massive sex appeal that made no woman to escape the rare excellence of this state of the art designed jacket. Better get one of this now, if you wanted to woo fame.

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