How the Brando Leather Jackets Have Changed Biker Fashion

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How the Brando Jackets Changed Biker Fashion

When it comes to biker fashion, it has evolved and come a long way from its rebel origins. In fact the overall jacket industry keeps on bringing in new and different leather jackets. The main reason for this being that these biker jackets match up with almost everything; with a biker jacket you can make a fashion statement whether it is a cocktail dress or a jeans that you wear it with. Be a head turner if you wear it to a gala or a concert. It something that you do not have to be a biker to own, if you have a great fashion sense or you want to make a style statement in black leather jackets or any kind of biker leather jackets then you should definitely invest in one.

Why are biker leather jackets so famous?

Biker leather jackets are not only cool but they are also the symbol of rebellious attitude for bikers. Think of any famous celebrity and more often than not they will be seen wearing a biker leather jacket to most events. In fact if you think about famous movies or shows you can see that most famous celebrities wear biker leather jackets, be it Top Gun, Rock stars, punks etc. they believe in making a style statement with a leather jacket.

Having said that, nothing has changed the biker jackets fashion quite like the Brando jacket; these jackets provide superior apparel excellence and have top rated features, modern style points and have a supreme design. Back in the 50s when the movie was launched, the biker jackets were only preferred by a niche. However, the movie ‘The Wild Ones’ has taken the biker jackets a long way. These jackets are more commonly known as the Brando jackets, as Marlon Brando played the role of a gang leader, where he exposed the jacket to a larger audience and also gave it the feel of a uniform for bad boys and rebels.

Not only did the jackets become iconic but they also became part of a popular culture. Any hardcore biker you know now will have a Brando Jacket in their collection.

What do Brando jackets signify?

When you talk about the Brando leather jackets, they signify a lot more than the being cool. Rebellion, sadism and delinquency are few of the main characteristics that the character in the ‘Wild Ones’ signified. This is what most bikers associate with the jacket itself!

The movie was not only responsible for the introduction of the Biker subculture, but it also introduced and educated the world about the ‘Brando Jackets’ and why they should be worn. With so many biker gangs out there trying to make a name for themselves (by being infamous), this is one jacket that makes them feel more closer to the cult culture also gives them the feel that they will stand out.

Summary: If you are a biker than this is one jacket that you should definitely invest in and have in your wardrobe collection.

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