Iconic Leather Vests

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Iconic Leather Vests

When it comes to choosing a leather vest, most people are really confused. There are several options available in the market but most don’t quite match up the style that you may be looking for or you may have in mind. The list below will help you choose some of the most iconic leather vests, especially because, these have been worn by different celebrities in movies and have become instant hits. Although, there are numerous celebrities who have worn vest, the list below only talks about the most celebrated and most famous one.


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – Bomber Vest

This is one of the best pieces of leather that you will ever come across. If you ever think of an iconic character that was known for its dressing sense it was Indiana Jones and his collection of leather jackets. This is a bomber style jacket that amplifies the whole look an adventure seeking ideologist. The jacket has that rough earthly look about it which makes it look extremely cool. This jacket seems to have gone through the test of time and has survived it all, not only making it look cool but also extremely durable.


The Wild Ones – Biker Vest

If we are talking about leather vests that have featured in films, then one jacket that can never be ignored and will always come around as cool is the black biker leather jackets in the Wild Ones. The movie may have made Brando an icon, but the jacket worn by him made the biker culture iconic. The jacket gives a punk rebellious look that any biker would want to carry off. If you are a biker, then this jacket will never let you down.

Rebel without a cause – Red Baracuta Style Vest

As the movie name suggests, this jacket is fit for a rebel. This has an amazing cut along with its fitting and fabric. Just like the main character dean in the film, this jacket give you a fiery, eye catching look that will have people ask you where you got the jacket from. If you really like making a style statement, then this is one vest that is a must. Since the original color of this vest is red, try wearing it with plain colors like white.

Back to the Future – Reddish-Orange Puffy Down Vest

If you are talking about iconic vests then no list would be complete without the Marty McFly reddish orange puffy down vest. This is one of the best vest that he has been seen sporting in the 80s. You can find this vest in different colors; however the original reddish orange shade gives it the best look. If you are looking for something that will make you stand out this one vest you should definitely get your hands on.


Summary: The iconic jackets listed above cover most of the amazing looks that you can carry with these jackets. The list covers different eras in the vests and why some of these are just timeless.

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