Happy New Year 2013 – A New Beginning


Happy New Year everyone.  I hope this year brings you all the success and prosperity in all your endeavors.  Its gonna be a great year for leather jackets in movies.

We are currently uploading 30 new jackets to our catalog, some of the biggest hits of the year are included such as the Batman Bane Coat from Dark Knight Rises, Drive, Bourne and the awesome game Resident Evil 6 & Mass Effect 3.

We also have some new movie jackets being uploaded as well like Jack Reacher and Killing Them Softly.  Check back in a few days and all the above jackets will have been uploaded.

Currently under development we are working on a few of the upcoming movies for 2013.

  1. Die Hard 5 – There are 3 jackets for each of the main characters in the movie.  Bruce Willis is wearing a black cowhide leather jacket that is more of a biker jacket style with double white stitching on the chest and chest pockets.  His daughter is wearing in the movie a 2 piece skin tight black sheepskin leather suit.  And his son is wearing a black cowhide biker jacket with a grey broad stripe across the shoulders.
  2. Broken City – New movie with Mark Wahlberg wearing a classic wool coat, we are developing this coat in black soft sheepskin leather.
  3. The Last Stand – Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Chocolate brown bomber jacket with ribbed cuffs and waist band.

Its going to be great year 2013.  Lots of new and exciting things in the offering.  Also Iron Man 3 will be coming out this summer.  We will definitely have a few jackets for this.

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