Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man Leather Jacket And Leather Pants

Director Simon Wincer’s 1991 movie Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man which saw actors Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson take top billing together may have only scored a rather average 5.6 rating on the Internet Movie Database website but fans of the movie have urged those who were less than overwhelmed by it to try watching the 1969 classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman, before watching ‘Harley and Marlboro’ again for a second time. Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man was loosely based on that film with many of the lines and even scenes being directly influenced by it and despite being billed as an action, crime, drama film, Wincer’s version is meant to be a lot more entertaining and even downright funny if you are familiar with Butch and Sundance. In the ‘remake’ we follow two tough buddies; biker Harley and cowboy Marlboro Man, played by Rourke and Johnson respectively, as they decide to rob a bank to help a friend who is about to lose his bar because a bank wants to build on his land.  Naturally the heist doesn’t go according to plan and the wannabe thieves accidently target the wrong vehicle and wind up in possession of a new synthetic drug. Thanks to their well-meaning but ultimately downright dangerous mistake, not only do Harley and Marlboro Man now have the corrupt owners of the bank on their tails but the mob too…

Fans of the movie will have no problem recognizing this version of the eye catching Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man leather jacket which was inspired by the one Mickey Rourke wears in his role as Harley. A Marlboro Man leather suit might be synonymous with his buddy but we think that this  black leather jacket which is cut in a traditional biker jacket style is a lot more wearable. The jacket  has distinctive orange, yellow and white stripes as well as authentic fabric patches plus the words ‘Harley Davidson’ and two totally awesome lightning bolts on the back. The HDMM leather jacket has been made entirely by hand using only the very finest cowhide leather which becomes softer and more comfortable the more that you wear it.

Our tailors spare no attention to detail and all seams have been stitched twice by hand to ensure that no matter whether you’re wearing the jacket to hang out in your local roughneck saloon or you’re riding your chopper down route 66, the bike will give you endless years of wear. The jacket fastens with popper closure on the waistband and collar and by a high quality YKK branded zipper.

Whether you’re a big fan of the Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man movie, of the comeback kid himself, actor Mickey Rourke, or you are just looking for a retro biker style jacket with a difference, look no further because you’ve just found what you’re looking for.

The Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man leather pants and leather suit will be uploaded next week, but if you cannot wait till them, just contact us and we will share the pictures with you and if you like it, we will facilitate your purchase.


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