New Leather Jackets On The Horizon

Green Arrow Season 6 Hoodie Faux Leather Jacket

We are currently working on a new of new designs for the upcoming season, some from old movies and some from new.  We want to give you as many choices to choose from the jacket that is perfectly suited to you.  As you know we are working on the highly anticipated Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it will be ready soon and we will post the pics on this blog and as a product on our website.

New Leather Jackets Expected In April

  1. Need For Speed Black Cowhide Leather Jacket
  2. Need For Speed Cream Sheepskin Racing Leather Jacket
  3. Magic 8 Ball Back Cowhide Leather Jacket
  4. Contraband Biker Black Cowhide Leather Jacket
  5. A German WWII Black Cowhide Leather Coat
  6. Indiana Jones Distressed Brown Cowhide Leather Jacket
  7. Indian Jones Brown Cowhide Leather Jacket
  8. X Men Wolverine Tan Brown Cowhide Leather Jacket
  9. Non-Stop Black Cowhide Leather Coat
  10. November Man Black Cowhide Bomber Leather Jacket
  11. Star Trek Black Biker Leather Jacket
  12. Steve Rogers Black Cowhide Bomber Leather Jacket
  13. Sword Fish Black Cowhide Biker Leather Jacket
  14. The Family Brown Leather Jacket
  15. White Collar Black Sheepskin Leather Jacket
  16. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Leather Jacket

We hope to have all the above leather jackets uploaded during the month of April 2014.  Incase you missed it, below are the few recent uploads we have made to our collection of Leather Jackets.

Recent New Leather Jackets

  1. Le Mans Beige Sheepskin Racing Leather Jacket
  2. Le Mans White Sheepskin Racing Leather Jacket
  3. Longmire Nubuck Brown Leather Long Coat
  4. Getaway Brown Cowhide Racing Leather Jacket
  5. HDMM Motorcycle Leather Suit (Leather Jacket and Leather Pants) available with and without padding
  6. Vampire Diaries Faded Black Cowhide Leather Jacket


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